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Image - The New City (Topolobampo, Mexico)

The New City
(Topolobampo, Mexico)


The Topolobampo cooperative colony was founded in 1886 by a group of American colonists at Sinaloa, Mexico, at the head of the Gulf of California. Leader Albert Kimsey Owen (1847-1916) was a surveyor, civil engineer, and utopian socialist. He dreamed of establishing a railroad from Texas to the site of "Pacific City," his ideal planned settlement. Owen funded his ideas through his Credit Foncier Company of Sinaloa. His ambitious plans were never fully realized, and the colony ultimately failed.


Materials Digitized

  • The New City, v.1-2 (1892-1894)

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The New City (1892-1893)

Social Solutions (1886 English translation of 1871 Spanish original)